May 20, 2014

Pismo beach California trailer show!

Hey Gals! Just pullin in from a amazing trailer show out in pismo beach the annual trailer ralley was my first attempt at a kinda car / trailer show! What a blast!
This ralley was sold out for months and I thought on Monday...hmmm...I'll call and see if we can get in...well...WE Did! Scorin' the best darn tooten spot evah!!! A corner with grass with lots of space to decorate:) lucky kitten indeed!
Amazing cars & trailers everywhere! Take a peek...of a few beauties! 

This one was gold! I loooooooved it!

So as you can see a lot of different kinds of vintage trailers about 350-400 of them! So fun Saturday was open to the public with a trailer / car show and people sold goods kinda like a swap meet of 50's goodness!

Tones of vintage camping goodies! And these ...

Ekkkk! One of my gal pals from my girly camping group brought boxes and boxes of vintage aprons!!!!!! I kept wanting to roll around in the vintage goodness!
Now this is the coolest! They delivered dinner to your trailer! Omg I had to try it! Sooooooooo cool:)
One amazing thing about my camp outs is meeting not only sisters from my girl group sisters on the fly...but also meeting ladies out there who read my blog!!!! 
Yuck!  my bad frizzy hair ( the sea air & my hair don't mix!;)
This is Kelley !!!! A reader of my blog! This sweet darlin made me a vintage coca cola bottle cap bracelet, necklace & key chain! Amazingly adorable! We chit chatted a couple of times & got to know just how these trailers change our lives! She was the sweetest thing evah!
Now this Australian doll is the author of the cutest trailer book! So excited I got one!
Ok so this is the crazy part...I got an award out of all the fabulous trailers my gypsy trailer got best interior! Lol crazy!!!:)

Daddy-o & I laughed! We got in on Monday ...fluke...we came home with a award first time! People kept saying they've been going for years and never won a darn thing! Lol what a special blessing:) what a life moment what a blast!!!!!! Everyone was so nice to us!!!!

Now I gotta run...packing up for my next camp out with my gal pals! Cats hittin the road again;)
Thanks for swingin by kittens for some trailer time!!!!!


Unknown said...

Wow it looks like such fun!

Amy Jo

Kathie Truitt said...

You are such a doll and I'm so glad you're back to blogging. You're one of my very favorites. I'll be moving from the east coast to Texas next month. I'll be half a continent closer to YOU.

Peg said...

Hello my Lovely, I haven't been blogging for a while, have been out of action. I saw you visited a while ago so popped over to have a peek at what you've been up to. My goodness I was not disappointed, I got my vintage fix with your's and a few others. I love your new van she's beautiful inside and out. It was a joy to see the photos of the other homes you've shared with us.
I'm not surprised you came home with a prize.
We have a static caravan which is our bolt hole, it's on the Lincolnshire coast just outside of the town. We love it, we came down last Wednesday, go home tomorrow because I have treatment on Wednesday but we'll be coming back over that night until the following Sunday. Mr B is semi retired so only works Mon-Wed so it's a great opportunity to come over and chill.
Take care

Peg xx

Katmom said...

Hubby & I were going to drive over to Pismo,,, but then, life got in the way of life... but on the plus side, several of our friends (who we were going to meet up with) constantly text'd us and sent photos... and one even spoke with you.... so it was almost like being there... Next year for sure!
Hugz and wagons HO!
lil sis #472

Grace and Tea For Me said...

I love your trailer!! I would like to ask permission to put one of your pretty pics of your trailer on my blog. I am looking for a pink girlie-girl trailer for my friends and I, but they are very hard to come by, so until I can get one I will enjoy visiting your blog and seeing yours. Thank you!


Lap Dog Knits said...

hi Cat…can't wait to see you soon again and camp with all the other kitties…love you blog..bounce over and take a peek at mine….see you soon!!!

Lap Dog Knits said...

hi Cat…can't wait to see you soon again and camp with all the other kitties…love you blog..bounce over and take a peek at mine….see you soon!!!

Stacy, A Glamper Story said...

Hi sister! Thanks for posting our picture from Pismo! It was so great meeting you. I have read your blog many times before but haven't followed it till just now since I didn't know how to do it! Lol I may be able to transform a glamper but this blogging confuses me hehe. If you get a chance check out my blog(
Hope to see you at another Sister On The Fly event soon!

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