Nov 20, 2014

Small business Saturday November 29th

Howdy kittens! I just wanted to give you lil darlins my push for small business Saturday!! So get out there gals and shop small business Saturday for some amazing gifts this christmas! It is so important to support our small down home businesses...I know I've got a few I support each year & really it makes my heart feel so good plus I get the greatest things!!! So roll up your sleeves and get out there kittens!!!!

Nov 7, 2014

Happy Birthday Sweet Baby CAMPING Chick! Mama heart is so full! I am so excited to wish my baby girl the HAPPIEST BIRTHDAY!

And of course this camping girl wanted to spend her special18th Birthday...not with friends...or having a party...she wanted to go camping with her closest most special people in her life...her Family!
The beautiful fall sky was the perfect backdrop for what was said countless be THE BEST CAMPING TRIP EVER! Taking our family newly revamped trailer ( pictures soon) which is named Big Cheif! Or Big Birtha girl;) which she calls it... to the best trip ever!!!! Full of the best family ever! Thank you everyone:)
Our family was so content, thankful,and full of piece & much love!!!! Crisp wonderful weather, yummy food,wonderful family & the most special girl to celebrate! What a trip!
Celebrating the heart of the most amazing & kind girl...we truly thank God for the blessings of a life spent with her in it!!!! Isn't she beautiful!?! Wearing camo...which every one was required to wear...her favorite color camo!;)
It was awesome ! Everyone played along with the two themes that radiate her!!! Camo & Pinterest ! She got amazing gifts from our fab family...thought out and just so special! 

We call miss camping girl queen of Pinterest:) so everyone took extra thought to Pinterest everything!! Lol this gift was full of 18 balloons that she had to pop and awesome gifts fell out!!!!! Stinkin adorable! One gift was absolutely everything you could imagine in camo and placed in fishing camo buckets! Cleaver!
This cool gift was from a boy...18 lotto tickets! For turning 18;) very Pinterest lol
Woot woot! Cleaver!
But mostly the greatest gift...FAMILY FULL OF LOVE! Celebrating the greatest girl in the world! Everyone made it so special for her!!!
Especially daddy & his part...spending very special,and traditional fishing time with his most wonderful girl...doing all her very favorite things...wearing camo, eating her favorite meals & fishing with her daddy! What could be better...nothing in her book...take a peek
Now down memory lane Here are a of baby chick's birthdays...always asking to go where else but camping! And spending special time with her daddy! FISHING!

My favorite photo of her watching the sunset in Quartzsite Arizona 

Awwww...this one is with me in my vintage trailer!
Now this was a funny trip...take a many fish did this girl catch? Far more than her daddy!!:) #1
#7! This girl didn't get off the water! Smoked daddy good this trip!;) bragging rights!
So thank you gals for allowing me to gush with love for My baby chick in her element! Having the best 18th birthday for her!!!

Miss baby chick We are so very blessed by God to have you in our life! You radiate kindness and the love of The Lord from are my joy! You have a real truth to you and are full of such a special joy... I am so blessed to know you and be your mama! Thank you for being the most happy person I have ever known...
Happy Birthday to the greatest women I've ever meet! I am so excited to see where this life takes you & your JOY of The Lord !
Thank you for choosing me to be your mommy! My greatest accomplishment in this life is you!

Thanks gals for allowing me to blush all over my 18 year old camping gal!

Oct 6, 2014

Home made soap! It's cheatin' time!

Howdy kittens! I am so excited for this quick lil post and a Vintage Housewife cheat!
I know I've posted on how much fun it is to make homemade laundry soap! And how my fun camping class was just a hoot' & loved it... The smell, how it worked& the price! well I've gotta lil Vintage housewife find to share with y'all !!!!!
A few months back I found this box of Zote! Yup a box of Zote!!!! All flakey and grated for ya! Hello can I get a Yes Sista!!!!!! Yup all that elbow grease we've had to use grading is gone in one lil rip of a box!  Of course I had to give a test run and I have to say in a pinch id use it again!
Now I defiantly didn't like how large the flakes were but I crushed them a bit with my spoon before adding them to the mix.... I adore the fells napa scent more but that's personal...but on the flip side I adore the white Zote has a brightner! So to me it's a win win situation! Gals!!! Less work!!!!

I bought my box for $ 2.48 at Walmart! Super good deal for less work and I still feel good about doing it for my family! 
That's a great Vintage housewife find! The right kinda Cheat for sure!!!!
Thx for swingin by 

Sep 21, 2014

Shopping & Glamping!

Howdy kittens! Coming off of a few Glamping trips I thought start to share some stinkin fab sights & a lil shopping:)
First off a adorable lil country gem... Kettleman City California 
I'm not sure if you know the redwood kings on  animal planet  but they built this amazing sight there called the Millhouse. I was so excited I got to see it & catch the episode:)

Inside gobs of trinket shopping with specialty foods candles and goodies
Awesome decore!!! I love the old barn wood!
I died over this! I want Daddyo to make something like this for a hand washing / dish washing station for my moonshine trailer!!!! Can I get a yes sista!!!!!
Now this is why I feel in love with this adorable store/ rest stop on my trip... I felt like I was at Knotts Berry Farm! Isn't he the cutest thing ever! Add a moonshine jug and I would of stole him for myself! Teehee;)

Now I was so excited someone spotted my trailer on my trip! Thanks for saying howdy!!!! If ya ever see me say hello! Just made my whole day:)
Huggs kittens! Thanks for swingin by! Talk soon 

Aug 20, 2014

Mama Dun...R-U-N-N...O-F-T !!!

Howdy gals!! I am so excited to say howdy to ya'll...I'm back from my very very far trip...yup MAMA DUN...R-U-N-N...O-F-T!!! (Teehee;) a sayin' my family says to each other after the adorable twangy movie Oh Brother Where Art Thou?! With George Clooney...yup I love that movie & it inspired this...YUP, I did run off...for sure and had an amazing adventure!
Me & my gal pals drove over 13 hours each way to enjoy this! A absolute dream camp right next to the river!
River rafting, junkin, & special Deer all around my sweet trailer! I named her Moonshine Mama which you all know & I am so excited to share the hard work my family all did to get her ready for this trip...this 1960's terry trailer was sure a comfy trailer I enjoyed her very much!
She started out like this:) to this...
Which I know I shared earlier...but I thought to share the inside...
Rustic & warm... I started playing blue grass twangy music & collecting vintage moonshine jugs & mason jars are all around! It's been awesome
Her cute lil bathroom, and ice box...that worked great!
My sweet front kitchen...all systems was a very easy fix up:) I added lots of vintage copper & very southern sayin's ...she is a down home country gal for sure!
My sweetie baby chick painted cute lil sayings & shutters...on her & 
I think it turned out great! Now I just gotta get some sweet homemade moonshine;)

 Thanks for swingin time a big ol trailer show...& some junkin photos from my trip... Yeeehawww :) 


Jul 25, 2014

Long Lazy Days of Summer...NOT!!!!

Howdy lil darlins! I'm so not having lazy days of summer! I'm kicking up my heels and having a rooten' tooten' good ol time! 
I'm enjoying finding time again to nurture my self & my vintage housewife ways! Making & teaching a class of amazing fresh homemade laundry soap...yep during camping in my vintage Trailer with coolest girl group evah! Sisters on the fly!!!!!What could be better?! :)
Nothin I tell ya...and now taking on a lil summer time project is makein' for a non lazy days kind of summer &!i just couldn't wait to share!!!!!
Whelp gals you know where my lovin' of vintage trailers all started! With my lil doll house of a trailer ...a 1953 Field & Stream...Lil' CupCake! Plump full of 1950's vintage goodies & totally a Vintage Housewife camper for sure!!! Kiddos & Daddy-o worked so hard on her...

She was the first pink trailer I'd ever seen way back when & gals just went Vintage Housewife crazy over her! Of course pulled by my 1953 Ford Lucy ...what a pair:) just a vintage gals dream!!!

Now fast forward a bit to this amazing gal!! My Vagabond Gypsy trailer! A 1959 Streamline,  My dream trailer with two beds and enough molding to make a gal swoon!!!! Shiny & simply eye candy for sure! Full of pink appliances & a pink bathroom...oh my oh my...shabby chic , she just reminds me of a house! Winning best interior awards...& super sweet gals beggin if they can leave home and move in!!! :) fun fun fun!

The best part a heartfelt & a romantic story of hubby surprisin' me with her...this gal is the best trailer I have ever seen! This is my prize! 
my Big Ol' Gypsy Gal! Happy For sure with her! Plus once again my hubby & baby chicks help make her perdy!:) great family! Tee hee I'll keep um';)

NOW LOOK AT THIS!!! Summer project!  Yup...another vintage Gal in need of a lil love! 2 weeks ago daddy-o once again found me a gem! And just in time for my longest trip ever! 13 week!!!

This 1960's Terry was just the purrrrfect fit for me! I have been lookin for a very small trailer with a kitchen up front...we went search in' high and end of California to the other...5 days 14 trailers later...he found this near my home...I have been dreaming of sort of a western cowgirl primitive cozy trailer that would fit right in nestled in the woods on some of my horseback riding small enough to pull long distances..& get back into the most primitive fishing spots! so in a short two new gal went from this to this!
This is Moonshine Mama..! 2 weeks she's lookin' pretty darn cute already! Very rustic'primitive & super cozy! Super tiny lil thing...gettin all gussied up with country cozy goods! Dark wood and copper everything I can get my hands on! Sort of a twangy feel I wanna give her! 
She needs paint still and a few odds and ends but this gal is gettin ready for a wonderful camp out real soon!!!! Baby chick painted shutters & old wood signs &  I just love her...isn't she rustic cute! So that's it...another project:) any ideas gals send them my way!!!! Cuz she is far from done!!!!!!

Now kittens I want you to know I am so excited to see how many of you all now have stinkin adorable trailers! Thank you for the emails & comments about how you luv um' you want um'...& how we inspire just brings such joy to know ya'll love them too!!!

Thank you gals! Just a blessed kitten by you all for sure!!!! Thanks for swingin by...for some not so lazy time...can't wait to see what your all up too! Leave a comment so I can pop by:)

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