Jul 2, 2014

Happy 4th! Now go love on a military man!

Oh my I love the 4th of July !!!! I am so excited to have pride for the ol red whit and blue!
When our flag stood for something & we honored who served under it!
So go out and love on a military man! Or woman for that matter give them some extra Thank you's & appreciation! They so deserve it gals!!!!!
Show some good ol down home love for our great USA!
Oh dolls This is my newest old Glory find! A tattered old flag worn out by the winds on a old farm here in the USA ...instead of burning it a wonderful lady who was passionate repurposed it to show your pride!!! Not sure how I felt about it but after talking to her and her passion for this ol flag I would of paid anything to have it! 

So I got it!!! She makes one a year...once her tattered flag is ready to be pulled down she makes her old glory bag! I'm very fortunate to have it! I care for it very gently & can I say oh ya it has 16 pockets! A packers dream!
So can I get a yahoooo sista! And go love on this good ol USA! Hug on our military...let's get back to being thankful for all they do and sacrifice for us all!
Happy 4th USA !!!!!

Jun 24, 2014

Laundry soap makin' good time!

Howdy darlin ladies! I am so excited summer is here! Just getting home from an amazing Vintage camping trip with my girl group Sisters on the Fly:) 

This trip is my kicking summer off trip & I am so excited to pow wow & vintage junk with my gal pals! Yahoo...Camping with them always makes summer a rooten tooten good time!!!

During camping I got to do something so fun!
This past weekend I enjoyed teaching a homemade laundry soap making class! It was so awesome to be outside and having my dear sweetie pie friends making something homemade! I was so excited to teach something that I myself absolutely LOVE making in my home! 
These darlin gals really jumped in and did all the grattin' , sift-in, & darn sweet smellin' mix'n! 
Yes and all out in the good ol outdoors!
We mixed it all up then bottled them in adorable mason jars...ready to do a lil washing & smellin the house up with that clean fresh scent...all the while saving money!!!!! 

What a Vintage housewife goody for sure!
Now this beauty of a photo was a few gals parked curbside right outside my house the night before we left! We had dinner & enjoyed chit chatting near my pool ready for a good ol camping trip ...it was a blast!

Such a hoot camping & some vintage soap making goodness. What could be better I tell ya:)
Thanks for swingin by for yahoo it's summer time!!!!

Jun 11, 2014

Rainbow Marketplace

Howdy darlings! I've been so busy two vintage trailer trips under my belt & packing up for another ...I am having such a wonderful time with my gal pals! This past week we met up in rainbow to see Mrs Rita for some beautiful junkin...her show is really the best! Picture heavy enjoy junkin dolls!

So there you have some junkin goodies... I have one of these for my gypsy trailer but not in blue it just took my breath away! I got a good amount of loot...a huge crown to put on my trailer , corbels...some adorable muslin apron shirts...and some vintage Chrystal:) 
Great day:) hugs

May 20, 2014

Pismo beach California trailer show!

Hey Gals! Just pullin in from a amazing trailer show out in pismo beach the annual trailer ralley was my first attempt at a kinda car / trailer show! What a blast!
This ralley was sold out for months and I thought on Monday...hmmm...I'll call and see if we can get in...well...WE Did! Scorin' the best darn tooten spot evah!!! A corner with grass with lots of space to decorate:) lucky kitten indeed!
Amazing cars & trailers everywhere! Take a peek...of a few beauties! 

This one was gold! I loooooooved it!

So as you can see a lot of different kinds of vintage trailers about 350-400 of them! So fun Saturday was open to the public with a trailer / car show and people sold goods kinda like a swap meet of 50's goodness!

Tones of vintage camping goodies! And these ...

Ekkkk! One of my gal pals from my girly camping group brought boxes and boxes of vintage aprons!!!!!! I kept wanting to roll around in the vintage goodness!
Now this is the coolest! They delivered dinner to your trailer! Omg I had to try it! Sooooooooo cool:)
One amazing thing about my camp outs is meeting not only sisters from my girl group sisters on the fly...but also meeting ladies out there who read my blog!!!! 
Yuck!  my bad frizzy hair ( the sea air & my hair don't mix!;)
This is Kelley !!!! A reader of my blog! This sweet darlin made me a vintage coca cola bottle cap bracelet, necklace & key chain! Amazingly adorable! We chit chatted a couple of times & got to know just how these trailers change our lives! She was the sweetest thing evah!
Now this Australian doll is the author of the cutest trailer book! So excited I got one!
Ok so this is the crazy part...I got an award out of all the fabulous trailers my gypsy trailer got best interior! Lol crazy!!!:)

Daddy-o & I laughed! We got in on Monday ...fluke...we came home with a award first time! People kept saying they've been going for years and never won a darn thing! Lol what a special blessing:) what a life moment what a blast!!!!!! Everyone was so nice to us!!!!

Now I gotta run...packing up for my next camp out with my gal pals! Cats hittin the road again;)
Thanks for swingin by kittens for some trailer time!!!!!

May 9, 2014

Vagabond Gypsy trailer before & after!

Howdy kittens! So many of you know we pulled this lil gem out of the snow in Utah a few months ago & It was such a whirl-wind to get her campable for my fist sisters on the fly trip that I didn't post before and after pictures! I've gotten some emails askin me to do so...so here I go!!! Thank you to all of ya for givin a rooten tooten!;)
Oh my I forgot how bad it was! But I loved her from the moment I saw her! So much damage and lots of weird wall paper...wires everywhere! But the amazing molding just took my breath away!!!!!
Adding in the new wood flooring...it was thankfully just ply wood! A lot less work than my pink trailer! 
Gutted the front and daddy-o built in a couch with lots of storage! See the shutters !!!!! Omg!!!!! I thought I have them everywhere in my house why not in my Gypsy trailer! So I was on the hunt for them to fit! I have to be honest daddy-o didn't see my vision but did them any way! Now it's one of his favorite parts!
This was the day when the paint dried & doors got put back on...I hung that vintage picture frame with her name right away! Inspiration each time I worked on her:)
Ok so once more before...
My junkie kitchen:) which I collected all that cute junkie stuff for this trailer for years! All the vintage silver & metal mirrors
My side table:) an old vintage vanity...& my junkie oven...actually came that way...the lil old lady who owned her I truly think had my same vision...she had tubs of junkie gody metal goods waiting to be installed:) it found me I truly believe!
To my front couch ...
My vintage wings I bought at the urban barn in Escondido...my sconce chandlers I bought there as well...table from the vintage market place...but I have since found another coffee table at the Salvation Army:)
This end table was from my mother gifted to my daughter and then found its home in my trailer with a fresh coat of paint:)
Now the vanity I've had for years I actually put it by my trash can curbside a few months ago then thought bring it back in...couldn't believe daddy-o got it to fit right in!!
My oven!
So that's my girl I'm still working on the bathroom & I still have the tin to put on the roof which I think will be amazing! I'm looking for copper:)
Oh I forgot take a look at this...So above the beds is a door & it has a fan...thought it was so cool! Pull Down the door and cool off!
Any way thanks for all the interest and wonderful comments & emails...she truly is special:) til next time happy trails!!

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