Jan 27, 2015

Gettin away ! Trailer time

Stopping & Just gettin' away! Heya kittens hope your all off to a wonderful fresh New Year! I thought id post some photos of Moonshine Mama out Glampin'
The view and site were amazing 
I couldn't take my eyes off of water so gor-guss! My site:)
It was a lil chilly so I had a lil fire to warm me up;) ok heater but it set the stage...
My new wagon wheel chandelier I was so excited to have it up in time to glamp! 
Just cozy and comfy! How couldn't you relax!
Stopping to just get away is so much easier in a cute lil trailer! Thanks for swingin by for trailer time!

Dec 19, 2014

Dreaming of a white Christmas

The Vintage Market Place in Rainbow was full of white! I thought to share some eye candy ...Awww this is how California dreams of a white christmas...
Oh how I wanted to bring these Rocken boys home! Teehee...Merry Christmas kittens! Thanks for swingin by!

Dec 1, 2014

Julian & small business Saturday !

Merry Christmas kittens! I am so excited to share my small business Saturday ...which has always been very dear to my heart supporting small business' close to us. Here in Julian California you find the most charming people, making the best pies, memories & bringing in the christmas holiday very special!
Super sweet Main Street full of homemade pie shops and adorable christmas shops 
Super vintage goodies all around made for great one of a kind shopping
Adorable rustic goods
Great small business clothing makes it fun to pick up rare one of a kinds...
One of my very favorite goodies in this life is farmstead!!!! Look behind me...A vintage flannel company that you pick a color of a flannel and they find it for you all the while using a vintage washing Technique infusing lavender making them soft,worn ,heavenly scented vintage flannels!!!!! My favorite!
So funny but we both were wearing them on Saturday!!

Ekkkkk!Then we spotted them! 
Oh hunny slap your daddy! I scored! This adorable store had my flannels!!!!! My baby chick & I grabbed and tossed to Daddyo! He paid ...It was sooooo fun! 
Some of my loot! Smells amazing! I have to admit I own 43 vintage flannels from them! They are my very favorite company ever! Owned by two great sweetheart guys who hunt for adorable vintage flannels then send you a picture of a few and you pick your special flannel!
Oh my the smell is just amazing! Plus Vintage flannels for camping in my sweet vintage trailers! What could be better! Especially when you can get pink flannel good golly:)
Now back to the Super charming town full of yummy pie shops! Cider and home cooking goods! Made bringing in this home-y time of year so special for me! 
Now you must have pie!!! This is a baked apple pie the whole apple baked inside!!! We stopped at 5 shops sharing different kinds of pies all the way! But as I've shared before my very favorite pie Is pumpkin apple pie put together! Of course that one came home with us:)
Oh my what a festive day!!! I absolutely love supporting my favorite small business' instead of hitting the big stores! Can't wait to see all your holidays...
Hope you all enjoyed your holiday with your families close ! God bless you!

Nov 20, 2014

Small business Saturday November 29th

Howdy kittens! I just wanted to give you lil darlins my push for small business Saturday!! So get out there gals and shop small business Saturday for some amazing gifts this christmas! It is so important to support our small down home businesses...I know I've got a few I support each year & really it makes my heart feel so good plus I get the greatest things!!! So roll up your sleeves and get out there kittens!!!!

Nov 7, 2014

Happy Birthday Sweet Baby CAMPING Chick!

Awwww...my Mama heart is so full! I am so excited to wish my baby girl the HAPPIEST BIRTHDAY!

And of course this camping girl wanted to spend her special18th Birthday...not with friends...or having a party...she wanted to go camping with her closest most special people in her life...her Family!
The beautiful fall sky was the perfect backdrop for what was said countless times...to be THE BEST CAMPING TRIP EVER! Taking our family newly revamped trailer ( pictures soon) which is named Big Cheif! Or Big Birtha girl;) which she calls it... to the best trip ever!!!! Full of the best family ever! Thank you everyone:)
Our family was so content, thankful,and full of piece & much love!!!! Crisp wonderful weather, yummy food,wonderful family & the most special girl to celebrate! What a trip!
Celebrating the heart of the most amazing & kind girl...we truly thank God for the blessings of a life spent with her in it!!!! Isn't she beautiful!?! Wearing camo...which every one was required to wear...her favorite color camo!;)
It was awesome ! Everyone played along with the two themes that radiate her!!! Camo & Pinterest ! She got amazing gifts from our fab family...thought out and just so special! 

We call miss camping girl queen of Pinterest:) so everyone took extra thought to Pinterest everything!! Lol this gift was full of 18 balloons that she had to pop and awesome gifts fell out!!!!! Stinkin adorable! One gift was absolutely everything you could imagine in camo and placed in fishing camo buckets! Cleaver!
This cool gift was from a boy...18 lotto tickets! For turning 18;) very Pinterest lol
Woot woot! Cleaver!
But mostly the greatest gift...FAMILY FULL OF LOVE! Celebrating the greatest girl in the world! Everyone made it so special for her!!!
Especially daddy & his part...spending very special,and traditional fishing time with his most wonderful girl...doing all her very favorite things...wearing camo, eating her favorite meals & fishing with her daddy! What could be better...nothing in her book...take a peek
Now down memory lane Here are a few...pictures of baby chick's birthdays...always asking to go where else but camping! And spending special time with her daddy! FISHING!

My favorite photo of her watching the sunset in Quartzsite Arizona 

Awwww...this one is with me in my vintage trailer!
Now this was a funny trip...take a peek...how many fish did this girl catch? Far more than her daddy!!:) #1
#7! This girl didn't get off the water! Smoked daddy good this trip!;) bragging rights!
So thank you gals for allowing me to gush with love for My baby chick in her element! Having the best 18th birthday for her!!!

Miss baby chick We are so very blessed by God to have you in our life! You radiate kindness and the love of The Lord from inside...you are my joy! You have a real truth to you and are full of such a special joy... I am so blessed to know you and be your mama! Thank you for being the most happy person I have ever known...
Happy Birthday to the greatest women I've ever meet! I am so excited to see where this life takes you & your JOY of The Lord !
Thank you for choosing me to be your mommy! My greatest accomplishment in this life is you!

Thanks gals for allowing me to blush all over my 18 year old camping gal!

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