Aug 20, 2014

Mama Dun...R-U-N-N...O-F-T !!!

Howdy gals!! I am so excited to say howdy to ya'll...I'm back from my very very far trip...yup MAMA DUN...R-U-N-N...O-F-T!!! (Teehee;) a sayin' my family says to each other after the adorable twangy movie Oh Brother Where Art Thou?! With George Clooney...yup I love that movie & it inspired this...YUP, I did run off...for sure and had an amazing adventure!
Me & my gal pals drove over 13 hours each way to enjoy this! A absolute dream camp right next to the river!
River rafting, junkin, & special Deer all around my sweet trailer! I named her Moonshine Mama which you all know & I am so excited to share the hard work my family all did to get her ready for this trip...this 1960's terry trailer was sure a comfy trailer I enjoyed her very much!
She started out like this:) to this...
Which I know I shared earlier...but I thought to share the inside...
Rustic & warm... I started playing blue grass twangy music & collecting vintage moonshine jugs & mason jars are all around! It's been awesome
Her cute lil bathroom, and ice box...that worked great!
My sweet front kitchen...all systems was a very easy fix up:) I added lots of vintage copper & very southern sayin's ...she is a down home country gal for sure!
My sweetie baby chick painted cute lil sayings & shutters...on her & 
I think it turned out great! Now I just gotta get some sweet homemade moonshine;)

 Thanks for swingin time a big ol trailer show...& some junkin photos from my trip... Yeeehawww :) 



Connie said...

Oh my word, girlfriend . . . is this cute, or is it cute!!! You must be so proud of your little home away from home. Sounds like a great camping trip, too.
I loved reading this post :)
Keep smiling,
Your blogging sister, Connie :)

The Vintage Housewife... said...

Thank darlin Connie:) made my day!

Katmom said...

hey Cat, LUV LUV LUV your "Moonshine mama"..
Hugz & Happy Trails, from one Kat to another! >^..^<

Sue said...

Ohhhh what a beautiful job you have done on your home away from home!

Unknown said...

What a wonderful adventure. We are looking for a vintage trailer to redo. Your's is perfect! I love your blog. Glad to see you back!


Kathie Truitt said...

I've spent the better part of my evening getting caught up on your blog. YOU inspire me, Cat. You and Ruthie from Sugarpie Farmhouse inspire me every single day. I just recently relocated from Washington DC/Northern Virginia area to Texas. A DREAM! Those 13 years I was in DC area I lived vicariously through you. Now, I get to live the life I want. THANK YOU! You kept me going.

sunnyskiesandsweettea said...

Wow that is cute!

Amy JO

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