Jul 22, 2015

Surprise! Surprise!

Teehee! Surprise Surprise!
I just love those lil words ! Surprise Surprise! This past weekend I was sooooo surprised when I opened up my lil magazine after going to my mail box...wow!!!! My sweet lil vintage cupcake trailer was in print again! You see she has been featured a lot! And a huge honor was being included in Mary Jane farm Glampin book done a few years ago, which ya rocks!!! And good golly .,,wallah she used my sweet photo of our very first Glampin trip in Kern river in this months magazine:) gosh this darn trailer was the start to a whole new following & excitement for Dollin' up lil sweet trailers! Especially cuz she was pink! 
How special to see her! I have had amazing comments & testimonies on how this sweet trailer started it all! My oh my!!! Surprise surprise :) makes me tickled pink!


mzzbev said...

Congratulations! What an honor and deservedly so! Love your blog, you're one of a kind. xoxo Bev

billi said...

How cool!

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