Jul 2, 2015

A Route 66 Adventure!

Howdy and happy summertime!!! Wooweee it's been way to long! Missing all my fab kittens for sure! If your still around many thanks dolls!!!! Here is a post about my girl camping group & out Route 66 adventure!
A couple weeks ago 300 ladies traveled down the historical Route 66 for an adventure of a lifetime!!! Some all the way from Chicago Illinois! It was routed and planned out by some amazing women with stops in different states with Minnie camp outs all along the way! As the stops grew from places like Texas , Arizona , & New Mexico so did our group ending in good ol sunny California! Ventura Route 66 end stop!
Amazing adventurous women!!! Inspiring to say the least!!!! Some on the road over 35 days!!! Pulling their cute lil Trailers!!!
Such an amazing thing to be part of! So yes ... Yes yes! I love my group! I just had to share so come on pull up a beach chair & take a peek at this amazing group of trailers!
We were all In lil rows! Camping cutie!
This amazing Hudson drove the whole way!!!
Lots of beautiful weather!
Adorable trailers and gals! From different states! Loved meeting them!
Stinkin cute and girly! Why not!!!!
One of my good friends! She is inspiring! Look at that party trailer! You feel like your on vacation! Relaxing.., and the best drinks! One campout I stayed at her trailer the whole weekend! Poor thing I never went home! Lol
Yup! Boots! Enough said!
We had a dance hall for our festivities:)
Oh be still my heart! This amazing women and her gypsy joy trailer knocked my socks of! Her heart & soul shines Jesus!!!!! Love love love! Look I'm parked next to her!!!!! 
Ok have you ever wanted to cuddle and squish someone so much because they are too stinkin adorable!!!!! This is it!!! My friend GaryAnn & her new amazing Shasta buttercup reissue Angle Baby!
Cowgirls everywhere! Wanna be one!!!!
These are my amazingly fab signs my baby chick painted for me!!!!!! Adorbs!
Hello kittens!!! Welcome! Come on in! That's me!
Ventura here I come!
Super Gypsy photo! On a super fab weekend meeting 300 gals from my group!!!! Doesn't it sound fun!!!!! Don't ha wanna come next time!!!!? I got space lol! Come along;)
Thanks for swingin by! 


Sue Williams said...

Awesome pictures and story, Cat! Everyone had so much fun. Loved your teepee!

Winding Ways said...

Oh my, how wonderful! I can't imagine the fun of being with so many women out on an adventure. Thanks for sharing your photos.

Unknown said...

I'm so jealous of your trip. What wonderful photos. It feels like I was actually there. My husband and I are looking forward to purchasing a retro trailer. Love your lifestyle!

xoxo Mrs. Jenn

Linda said...

What a great post! Beautiful and fun!

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