May 22, 2015

Happy Friday Trailer show!

Oh happy Friday!!! I was feeling like a trailer show! It's been a full couple of months! Lots of travels & adventures! I'm still in the thick of it and enjoying every moment:) life is good!!!!!!
Super adorable trailers coming right to ya kittens! Let's take a spin around the trailer park!!!! Which one can you live in all summer!?
Pulling up ready to park...
Setting up:)

Original wow!
Pull up a chair!

Look at the vintage awnings!
Cute lil sittin area to chit chat
Pink! Swoon
Look at this cute kitchen!!!!!! The layout is amazing!
Sparkly seats! Bling!!!!!
Super rare fiberglass top! Painted yellow eye catching:)
Super tiny canned ham:)
Ending with a few of my Gypsy trailer!
Awwww my bedding is comfy!
My couch area

Have a great weekend! :) happy trails!


janice15 said...

I love um love them to death.. I keep thinking maybe one day I will get one.. who knows.. they are all lovley thanks for sharing with love Janice Happy weekend..

Ally Stuart said...

Oh, my goodness!!!

All of these adorable trailers make me wish I had one, but the hubs and I just wouldn't use one and we would have no place to park it.

Katmom said...

OMG! I still have not sorted through my SWG /California Dreaming photos... I so wish I had your eye for taking great photos... and as always... I uber luv your sweet lil play house on wheels...
Wagons HO!

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