Apr 22, 2014

Trailer show!

Oooooh I see in your future....some adorable trailers!!!!! Tee hee, I loved this...sweet lil vintage gypsy ! Here are some of the trailers from V6 ranch out in parkfield California cowboy country Usa!!!!
So it's taken me a lil while to figure out my photos didn't turn out too great...grrrrrr....but I'm totally gonna post some trailers!!!!!! Sorry to all for the blur;)
This is adorable chirp...look at that crown!!!!!
Inside!!!! Simply amazing! 
This my cowgirl buddy bodacious Bonnie's fab cowgirl trailer!
Loved this sweet graffic...
Miss floozy! Was totally done like a bar maid! Read that sighn ...lol
This is a new sister that joined on Tuesday joined us camping on Friday! Love a gal who gets it done! Loved the skirting around the bottom original to the trailer never seen that before:)
Sweet gal Jana's adorable shabby chic trailer so bummed I didn't snap the inside she had a hutch inside this mini doll house on wheels!
Tiki time! Oh I adore this trailer it has such a fun vibe! Just wanna have a piƱa colada with my gals!!!
Oh my goodness!!! I loved this.... Pole dancer! Cat is cracking the heck up right now ladies;)...miss Michelle is a hoot so this name is sooooo her!
I looooooove Lucy! Can you believe someone loves lucy more than me?!!!!!! This sassy gal takes the cake for sure!!!!!!!!! Just makes me so happy to look at every inch of this trailer! People almost get in car accidents trying to take photos on the freeway! For sure a eye stopper!
This is adorable!!!!!!!!! So tiny so sweet love the paint!!!
I just can't believe how much fun these lil sweet trailers are!!!! The pride I feel watching women & friends restore and pull these cute lil gems!!!!!! The amazing country I get to experience and the lovely people I get to meet! 
Vendors for Saturday shopping & barter day...how great is that camping & shopping!
What a trip! Loved the amazing V6 ranch!!!
Thanks for swingin by!!!! Hope you enjoyed these amazing trailers! Some pretty wonderful women own them!!!! Til next time! 


Miss Merry said...

Love the glamping! You all are just soooo adorable!

Welcome to DeluxeVille said...

LOVE, LOVE, LOVE!! Thanks for sharing these pics....what a great weekend!!


Quirkyjelly said...

woaaaa!! super love all the trailers pics!!

i wish i have a trailer, I would decorate with shabby chic furniture and vintage ambience... <3


Katmom said...

Parkfield was awesome!.. and wasn't it fun to overdose on trailer cuteness?!?
Happy Trails.

Unknown said...

Cat, you are a DOLL for posting pics of Lil' Chick - seriously, what an honor it is for Her Chirpness to be on your blog!!! Love you girlie! xoxo

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