Sep 21, 2009


Howdy gals...Cat here feelin' better about my rooten' tooten blues...why because this here is the most adorable trailer ever! take a peek...
this is sweet lil' Button Willow...who is the sassy trailer of my dear "Sweet" friend Maryjane, from " the beehive cottage" Adorable Button Willow is a 1957 Jewel trailer in the sweetest cherry red ever!

adorable cowgirl goodness...and the most welcomin' lil' lady in these here parts! Button Willow was named after the small lil' town that Maryjane drove to pick her up at...isn't that the most adorable thing ever!

here she is...this is sweet Maryjane...isn't she the most sassy adorable gal ever! This lil' gal i met actually in blog land...and as i found out about Sisters on the fly...which she is a sister... #595...she was so sweet to me, she walked this kitten right through the ropes...we were so so funny...when we met i told her i wasn't a killer...and she told me the was a hoot!

so now the inside...take a peek...

ahhhhhh...such sweetness...this is her dinning area...adorable home goodness...i feel like i'm in a cottage...warm and cozy with a lil' sassy cowgirl chic...look at her cabinets...wonderfully made from trees...i love it!!!!!!!!!

her rotten tooten kitchen...oh my word the sweetest butter yellow stove and fridge...beautiful cabinets with cowgirl collage...i love it! Her 57' Jewel has the best windows of all trailers!

next miss Maryjane collects these adorable sassy cowgirl suitcases... vintage 50's & 60's revamped for one sassy western gal!

this one is my favorite...adorable vintage pictures!!!

ekkkkkkk! fluffy goodness...isn't her bed area adorable! yummy quilts, feather bedding, and of coarse sassy western pillows... couldn't you take a sweet lil' nap...yehaw! Maryjane you do it right lil' lady! Cuz gals that is one area we sisters take very serious...our beds...they have got to be big and comfy...cuz we are glampers...glamorous campers! hee hee

sooooo hmmmmm which one will i choose next...

come on by and see...thanks kittens for the fun comments...i'm glad you love these sweet lil' vintage trailers too... thanks for swingin' by for some adorable vintage trailer time...Cat~


Marie said...

I have never wanted a trailor so bad in my life. PRECIOUS.

Laura said...

That trailer is gorgeous! You're right. I felt like I was inside a cottage. :) Just beautiful.

I think that it would be so neat to actually meet someone from Blogland. I just want to meet everyone! I could never pick one. :)

Thanks for sharing the pic's!

How's your daughter feeling? I'm so sorry to hear that she's not well. I'm praying for her. :)


Signs and Salvage said...

So inspiring!! I have always wanted one of those little trailers to use as a "guest house" in my backyard!! Great pictures...thank you for sharing:)

Unknown said...

I think your trailer and hers both are so beautiful definitely not what you expect in a trailer. So you have inspired me to get one myself. I'm thinking a polka dot and gingham theme n side!! So how do you go about finding a vintage trailer?

Mrs. Chambers

Anonymous said...

Love trailers, love caravans(vardas) my family past lived in them as they traveled.

Sydney B. said...

Adorable! I love Vintage trailers!!


Maggi said...

What a darling trailer! That bed is to die for! I am loving these tours, thanks for helping
me live vicariously! lol

Julie Harward said...

Where do such heavenly things reside?! I live far away from such jewels..but I love it speaks to my heart and soul..yes. I'm a 50's gal too! I love your blog..I'm new..come see my new post ans see what you think..I'm learning! :D

Jean Tuthill said...

I love Maryjane's trailer. I want one so bad. I love yours, too. So cute. I'd be living in I just wanted to let you know that I am having my 100th post giveaway and I wanted you to join in on the fun! I know you will love the stuff that I've chosen, so come over and see what it's all

Maryjane-The Beehive Cottage said...

Oh sweet Cat! You just melt my heart, you sweet thing! Thank you for featuring ButtonWillow and little old me! It sure is fun having these little doll houses, isn't it?! When do you want to go camping again with the boys? Heehee! My feather bed is calling me and some good old chit chatting around the fire sounds so fun!

Love ya,

Rachel said...

I know... I love it too!!!

Elizabeth and Gary said...

Hi Cat,
I want one too! its like having your own "play house".
What wonderful friends you and Maryjane are.
I enjoyed your post today,
Have a wonderful week,

JGO said...

Hello Kitten,
You are the best gal ever! I come visit your blog and leave filled with inspiration. Both, You and MaryJane have the most wonderful trailers. Home away from sweet. Keep up the great work, being a housewife is the BEST work ever!
tvf, jacqueline

The Vintage Vagablonde said...

One day.....and may it be one day soon. I too, will be meeting all you cuties on the trail.

My girl is STILL being worked on..UGHHH! I have forgotten what she looks like :(

Only one trip in her and poof!

I am searching for an "ALL GIRL" camper but am having no luck yet. I still have to pay for the other half of my trailer repairs so the next cutie I find...needs to be CHEAP!!!

Mary ~Jane"s trailer is sooo cute and yours is FABULOUS :)

Sweetina said...

I need one of these adorable trailers! It must have taken alot of work to restore it~but so worth it!
Yummy post!

Dena said...

I want one of those little trailers in the worst way now! I absolutely love those cute little suitcases too!

Miss Hell said...

Hey you! I have something for you over at my blog. :) xo

Home and Heart said...

Thank you SO much for sharing these adorable trailers. They are a dream of mine!!! I love your blog and attitude as well!

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