Mar 8, 2014

Whistle while you work! Trailer update

Oh YES please! Whistle while you work!!!! Howdy gals! I have been working away in my vagabond gypsy trailer! I am so excited to share the before photos and thank all you gals for the emails say in' Cat ... We wanna see!

Well come on in! Take a peek at something so darn sweet!
The wonderful streamline emblem !
The amazing molding!!!! Why I feel in love with this trailer!
Super pink bathroom!!!!!!!
Pink fridge!!!!!!!!!!
Pink sink!!!!!!!!!
Now gals I have been hard at work...up to my Betty do' in paint...

And oh kittens junkin' at every large market I know of! 3 large flea markets in 2 weeks

Here is some of my loot! Totally see where I'm heading in this trailer ! Collecting lots of 50's & older metals & chunky glass goods! The kind of hard Chrystal my grandma put on shelves never to be used!! Ha now I'm Puttin it in my trailer what a hoot!
adore my 50's metal trash can 10$ & lipstick holder 5$ ! Not to mention this amazing punch bowl 20$!!! Which I am know for my girly punches at all my girl glampin' trips! Yummm!!!! This will be purrrrrrfect!

So, Now gals I'm off & runnin'  heading today to the vintage market place in Rainbow to see my gal pals Joy from the Vintage Rabbit & miss Trish from Vintage bliss! I can't wait!

Now tomorrow I'm heading to the Rose Bowl so if you see me junkin'... Don't grab my goodies I saw it first!!!  & stop and say Hey! 
Thanks for swing'n by for a before the trailers cute time! 
By the way follow me on twitter or Instagram for lots of trailer & what I'm doing today photos! Have a great weekend kittens!


Unknown said...

So adorable! I can't wait to see it when you're done filling it up with your treasures!

OdetoMrs.KatzCohn said...

I love the pink sink too! And the pink fridge, and the bathroom...

Never thought a trailer would have moulding. Or that one would serve punch in a punchbowl in it but you go girl!!

Enjoy your wheels!


The Vintage Housewife... said...

Oh why yes! A girly punch that packs a punch is defiantly up a glamping gals alley!! :) give it a try:) thanks for swinging by!

Katmom said...

OMGeepers! how lucky are you! I have not been the Pasadena Rose Bowl/flea market in 7years..(we moved out of State)... let me guess, you will be the one with the cute 'pink' flea market cart... full of pink and blingy goodies!
Hugz & have a blast from the past!

Kathie Truitt said...

I am SO glad you're back.

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