Apr 15, 2014

A Rooten' Tooten' good Trailer time!

Well howdy kittens! A super quick post! I'm back from my high Falooten' good time with my gal camping group! Boy oh boy was it a rooten' tooten' good time! And I am so proud of how adorable my trailer turned out!!!!!! 
I have amazing pictures of trailers & before and afters of the work on my trailer...so gals it's gonna be one holler of a show! Yehawwwww!
Now first a adorable picture of my trailer next to the beach in Santa Barbara oh it was wonderful to stop and stretch my legs...I drove this gal 6 hours one way!!! Yahoo my largest and longest trip yet to date! To parkfield California to an ol cattle ranch! It took my breath away and was so so in-powerin'!!! 
A lil blurry but the beauty is there...this is half of my caravan... Other gals just like me! Ready for a good ol time! In their stinking adorable trailers! Aren't they cute!
This is the other side of the street see my trailer...about 30 caravan'in to the cattle ranch where we met up with 140 more cutesy trailers! Amazing
Yup amazing! This is my set up! I can't believe how well it all went, how much fun it was to be with my sisters, and how darn tooten proud I am to live this Vintage Gypsy life!

All for now kittens please check back soon for cute trailers & my before and afters! Thanks for swingin by


Cottage Dreaming and Flea Market Wishes said...

oh how cute! Love your blog! :)

Maryjane-The Beehive Cottage said...

Oh you are such a teaser Cat! I can't wait to see more! Your trailer is amazing and big! Woohoo! Cant wait to see the inside girl. Funny how our decor tastes have changed over the years. Glad you had a great time on your sister trip and to see ya back in the saddle having some fun. Would love to meet up with you for some chit chat! Love ya Cat! Maryjane xox

Tammy's Vintage Finds said...

Keep posting about your glamping adventures. I love reading about your road trips. Someday I will have a camper of my very own!

Savanah Clark said...

Your new camper is so cute! I can't wait to see what you've done to her.

Amy Jo

Katmom said...

Kat,,, OMGeepers! what a cutie... I told my DH all about your trailer and some ideas I plan to 'borrow' as we re-vamp our 65 Silver Streak... these silver playhouses on wheels are sooo iconic of the mid-century wonderlust that post-war families grew to love...
Happy Trails sista...

Anonymous said...

No photos of your trailer? :(

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