Sep 21, 2014

Shopping & Glamping!

Howdy kittens! Coming off of a few Glamping trips I thought start to share some stinkin fab sights & a lil shopping:)
First off a adorable lil country gem... Kettleman City California 
I'm not sure if you know the redwood kings on  animal planet  but they built this amazing sight there called the Millhouse. I was so excited I got to see it & catch the episode:)

Inside gobs of trinket shopping with specialty foods candles and goodies
Awesome decore!!! I love the old barn wood!
I died over this! I want Daddyo to make something like this for a hand washing / dish washing station for my moonshine trailer!!!! Can I get a yes sista!!!!!
Now this is why I feel in love with this adorable store/ rest stop on my trip... I felt like I was at Knotts Berry Farm! Isn't he the cutest thing ever! Add a moonshine jug and I would of stole him for myself! Teehee;)

Now I was so excited someone spotted my trailer on my trip! Thanks for saying howdy!!!! If ya ever see me say hello! Just made my whole day:)
Huggs kittens! Thanks for swingin by! Talk soon 


Denise said...

Looks wonderful-My kind of place to spend a relaxed shopping day.I was wondering ...Are You two full time RVers or do You live somewhere else,

Juli Dee said...

That trailer has three windows on the back, did you modify your Moonshiner?

Katmom said...

Yes! the 'trash' container would make a cute outdoor sink station,,,and I suspect if you have not talked "Daddy-o" into making you one, well sista, knowing you,,, you will! lol!
I stopped by Kettleman City (when we were in Parkfield-April) but was tired and just wanted to bee-line home so I just said my good-bys to the 'sisters' I was caravanning with and headed back up the mountain toward Yosemite. Now I think I need to grab a gal_pal or 3 and take a cruise back over to Kettleman City.
Looks really koolieo!

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