Jun 24, 2014

Laundry soap makin' good time!

Howdy darlin ladies! I am so excited summer is here! Just getting home from an amazing Vintage camping trip with my girl group Sisters on the Fly:) 

This trip is my kicking summer off trip & I am so excited to pow wow & vintage junk with my gal pals! Yahoo...Camping with them always makes summer a rooten tooten good time!!!

During camping I got to do something so fun!
This past weekend I enjoyed teaching a homemade laundry soap making class! It was so awesome to be outside and having my dear sweetie pie friends making something homemade! I was so excited to teach something that I myself absolutely LOVE making in my home! 
These darlin gals really jumped in and did all the grattin' , sift-in, & darn sweet smellin' mix'n! 
Yes and all out in the good ol outdoors!
We mixed it all up then bottled them in adorable mason jars...ready to do a lil washing & smellin the house up with that clean fresh scent...all the while saving money!!!!! 

What a Vintage housewife goody for sure!
Now this beauty of a photo was a few gals parked curbside right outside my house the night before we left! We had dinner & enjoyed chit chatting near my pool ready for a good ol camping trip ...it was a blast!

Such a hoot camping & some vintage soap making goodness. What could be better I tell ya:)
Thanks for swingin by for yahoo it's summer time!!!!

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Stacey said...

I'm so glad you are back to bloggin! You were the first blog I found when I discovered there was this whole world of wonderful homemaking feel good vintage fun! Found the great Sugar Pie Farm house thru your blog and many others. I make this soap too and love how domestic it makes me feel and saving money is always a blessing to the family. Thanks for keeping it up just love seeing your graphics and photos. p.s. You inspired me to buy my camper jewel Olive!

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